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A bedroom is synonymous with your private life, and everyone wants those home furniture to be as comfortable as possible. Yueshan live edge bedroom collections cover every aspect of what you need in order to make your space as comfortable, wholesome, and stylish as possible. With 100% solid wood furniture that uses no veneer, our collections span various styles from rustic to modern, industrial, contemporary, and more.

Italian Bedroom Furniture. As you climb into bed at night for a final moment of relaxation, you’ll be glad you chose Italian bedroom furniture for your home interiors. The comfort and quality of Made in Italy bedroom furniture is second to none.

Italian furniture designs are generally elegant and versatile. There are many different Italian bedroom designs that can be chosen to give your bedroom the modern Italian look. Italian furniture designs are cultured and versatile. We also carry Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture. The word classic does not mean old and outdated. You can have Classic Italian furniture that has the look and feel of modern looking 

You’ll love how all of our bedroom furniture is designed to offer heirloom quality. We use only the highest quality materials solid hardwoods in handcrafting our furniture. There’s Rosewood, Mango wood, reclaimed wood, Mahogany wood, and Teak wood – all sourced sustainably and of the best quality. Exploring a vast range of over 1000 unique designs of eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood furniture is the perfect option for those looking to add a unique element to their home’s décor. You can also take advantage of our free customization services to alter your chosen piece of furniture. You could change the wood specie, the shade and add or subtract a design element. You’ll love our 3D design service if you want to go for extensive alterations. This service helps you connect with our team, who would share 3D sketches of your custom furniture design for your approval before the manufacturing begins!

You’ll also find a stunning variety of features offered in all our bedroom furniture. You’ll love the brass work accents, gorgeously detailed hand-carvings, distressed finishes, whitewashing, iron grill work, and more. In other words –Yueshan Living Concepts will be your one-stop-shop for all your bedroom furniture requirements!
Read through to know every aspect about each category in detail:

Solid Wood sleigh Beds
No bedroom is complete without a bed,poster beds and Yueshan Living Concepts has got a huge variety to offer you. All our murph beds are sturdily handcrafted and handmade by skilled artisans. We’ve got you covered in all standard sizes, so whether you need a full size bed, a king size bed, California king size or a queen size bed, we have them all. You can also customize the size according to your bedroom specifications! Our large range of platform beds ensures that you’ll never have to opt for a bulky box-spring mattress ever again!

As far as styles are concerned, yueshan has a large variety to offer. Our canopy beds are an ode to traditional designs with modern and contemporary twists. Our low height platform beds are classy, modern, and absolutely stylish. Platform beds with storage are perfect for all those looking for multi-functional piece of furniture. Our four-poster bed collection pays tribute to the classics without abandoning their modern vibe. We’ve got beds with oversized headboards that make a statement and beds with low-height headboards that are perfectly understated.

Bedroom furniture Sets
A coordinated bedroom is the most visually and functionally appealing one. While mismatching is very trendy, there’s just something inherently beautiful about harmonizing all your furniture. It not only complements the ambiance, but provides stunning visual balance within the space.

This is why Yueshan Living Concepts offers a huge variety of bedroom furniture collections to our customers. Each collection is entirely handcrafted and offers our signature heirloom quality. Most of our bedroom sets consist of a platform bed, 2 nightstands, an armoire, a bedside chest, and a dresser. Our bedroom furniture collection spans a wide genre, so whether you’re searching for your dream platform beds with headboards, rustic beds with a modern twist, or beds with oversized hand-carved headboard with matching armoires, dressers, nightstands and the works – we’ve got you covered. You’ll love the coordinated bedroom look you can achieve with our furniture!

Armoires & Wardrobes
At Yueshan Living Concepts, we’ve got a vast collection of freestanding solid wood armoires. Their easy maneuverability and quality designing makes them far superior to in-built closets that won’t even provide an inch of flexibility. All of our armoires and wardrobes are specified for the ultimate organization, compartmentalization, and aesthetics. The fully adaptable designs of all our wardrobe armoires are perfect for storing a number of things ranging from linens, folded laundry, books, files, etc. Some of them can also be used as a display cabinet for your dinnerware.

We have multifunctional wardrobe and armoire designs in our collection that are suitable for all sorts of bedrooms – and other spaces as well. You’ll find exactly what you need in our armoire collection. Whether it’s an armoire with adjustable shelves or a wardrobe for hanging clothes or a narrow linen cabinet with a single door – all your needs can be catered to in this collection. You’ll find that our display armoires and media armoires ,jewelry armoires,are excellent for featuring beautiful décor, books, and trinkets. Aside from functionality, our wardrobe armoire collection is also very diverse in styles. Whether you want rustic, modern, contemporary, or traditional – we’ve got them all.

Yueshan Living Concepts prides itself on delivering the most holistic bedroom furniture collections, and nightstands are totally part of the deal. Our collection of solid wood nightstands is unique and extensive. You’ll find low-height, rustic, platform, leg-less, simple, hand-carved, and many more that you can pick from.

In addition to the huge variety of styles, our bedside tables also come with a lot of storage flexibility. You’ll find nightstands with drawers, nightstands with cabinets, nightstands with open shelves, and nightstands with all three.

A bedroom without a dresser would always feel incomplete – where else would you store your extensive personal items and daily use essentials? At Yueshan Living Concepts, we understand the need of a stunning and fully organized dresser, which is why we’ve got a huge collection that you can peruse from.

Our bedroom dresser collection consists of different types – tall dressers that take minimal space, double dressers that are more expansive, chest of drawers that are a dream-come-true for organizers, and apothecary cabinets! You’ll find dressers with drawers and dressers with cabinets whose facades are beautifully designed. Other than that, all our dressers are absolutely unique and come in various styles – from modern to rustic, contemporary, Scandinavian, traditional, and more.

Bedside Storage Chest
If you’ve ever felt like you need some extra storage or a great accent piece for your bedroom, then you’ll love browsing through our bedside storage chest collection. These trunks and chests are gorgeous and can be placed at the foot of your bed for both decorative and functional purposes.

They can be used to enhance your bedroom storage and provide a beautiful statement piece at the same time. All of them come in various designs and openable and upholstered tops. You can place anything you want inside – from extra bed covers to laundry, books, or anything else that you want. Their varying designs represent different styles such as rustic, traditional, contemporary, industrial, and more. Although they’re primarily designed for bedrooms, you can also use them as a coffee table in your living room, or as seating benches in the entryway.

Yueshan Living Concepts is all about YOU and YOUR preferences furniture makers! All of our custom furniture is designed to be as visually and functionally accommodating so that you can enjoy it for as long as you want!

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Tips:The products displayed on this page are all for reference only and need to be customized. If you want to know more our updated products or build our own style of furniture, welcome to contact us.

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