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Lecong Furniture Market: Your Chinese Furniture Source

Views:  Update Date: Jul 25,2023

Are you in search of exceptional furniture in Guangdong province? Look no further than the Lecong furniture market, located in Foshan, China. Known as the "Furniture Capital of the World," this vibrant marketplace is a haven for Chinese furniture enthusiasts and buyers alike. With its wide range of manufacturers and suppliers, Lecong offers an extensive selection of high-quality furniture options for your living room.                                              


Lecong Furniture Market: Your Chinese Furniture Source

When looking for high-quality custom furniture from China, Lecong Furniture stands out as a premier manufacturer and exporter. For over 20 years, Lecong has been crafting exquisite handmade furnishings sought after by designers, hotels, restaurants and homes worldwide. This guide will showcase Lecong's capabilities, quality standards, and services that make them a top choice for Chinese furniture.

Overview of Lecong Furniture

Lecong Furniture Co. Ltd is located in Guangdong, the furniture manufacturing hub of China. Founded in 1998, Lecong has grown into one of the leading Chinese furniture exporters known for luxury quality and craftsmanship. Their skilled artisans create contemporary, transitional and traditional styles for residential and commercial clients.

Key facts about Lecong Furniture:

  • Exporter of custom furnishings since 1998
  • 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Guangdong
  • 300+ skilled furniture craftsmen and quality control experts
  • Capacity of 5,000 sets of furniture per month
  • Experience furnishing hotels, restaurants, offices, and luxury homes
  • Specialists in European-inspired contemporary designs

Lecong controls every step of production in-house, from woodworking and upholstery to finishing and inspection. This mastery over the entire furniture-making process allows Lecong to deliver outstanding quality and value, direct from their factory.

Lecong's Manufacturing Capabilities and Craftsmanship

Lecong's large team of skilled craftsmen can create virtually any furniture design imaginable. Their depth of manufacturing capabilities and artisanal attention to detail result in pieces of remarkable quality.

Lecong's furniture crafting capabilities include:

  • Woodworking - Master carpenters expertly work solid woods and veneers into any shape using precision joinery. This allows intricate silhouettes, curves, and details.
  • Upholstery - Lecong upholsters pieces in premium fabrics from top European mills. Tailored upholstery with padding and tufting transforms frames into comfortable works of art.
  • Marquetry and Carving - Meticulous marquetry inlays and hand carvings adorn surfaces with geometrics, organic motifs and any custom pattern. These ornate embellishments elevate the beauty of natural wood grains.
  • Lacquering and Antiquing - Artisans apply lacquers in gloss or matte sheens for sleek modern or weathered rustic finishes. Distressed effects add authentic aged character.
  • Gilding - The traditional technique of gold leaf gilding accents select furnishings with brilliant metallic gleam. Other metals like silver and copper provide dynamic pops of shine.

This mastery of materials allows Lecong to create bespoke designs to client specifications with the refinement of luxury European brands.

Quality Control and Inspections

Lecong maintains exceptionally high standards of quality control and testing. At each stage of production, experts rigorously inspect furnishings for adherence to specifications. Thorough multi-point inspections ensure consistency and durability.

Key quality control processes:

  • Raw material inspection - All incoming woods, fabrics, leathers, and components are authenticated.
  • In-process stage testing - At critical production milestones, furnishings undergo examinations to catch any defects before moving to next step.
  • Dimensional accuracy checks - Precisely measured test fixtures confirm each piece matches plans and tolerances.
  • Finished product audits - Every completed furniture item is thoroughly inspected against quality criteria before packaging and shipping.

This comprehensive quality control provides clients confidence in the reliability of Lecong's products. It has helped Lecong become a trusted partner for international hotel furniture projects.

Range of Furniture Styles Offered

Lecong's design flexibility enables them to produce a wide selection of furniture genres to suit any aesthetic vision:

Contemporary Furniture

Lecong's contemporary collections feature sleek silhouettes and minimalist forms accented with striking details. Reflecting global design influences, these modern styles work in urban residences, luxury hotels, lounges, and more.

Transitional Furniture

Transitional designs blend elements of traditional and contemporary, resulting in pieces with classic lines alongside updated materials and simplified ornamentation. This versatility suits many decors.

Traditional Furniture

Lecong's artisans bring Old World charm to detailed traditional furniture featuring elegant curves, ornate carvings, and luxe materials like leather and marble. Traditional furnishings lend heirloom appeal.

Custom Furniture

Lecong shines brightest when producing completely custom furnishings. Their craftsmen will bring any furniture vision to life, from dimensional specifics to material selections and decorative details. One-of-a-kind designs become treasured centerpieces.

The expansive Lecong factory allows production of furnishings for whole projects. For outfitting hotels, corporate offices, and large residential spaces, Lecong can manufacture coordinating furniture collections with consistent quality and aesthetics across all items.

Selecting Materials for Your Furniture

An important part of the custom furniture design process is choosing your materials. Lecong offers an exceptional selection of rich woods, decadent leathers, and upholstery options.

Premium wood choices include:

  • American black walnut - Prized for dark tones and flowing grain patterns
  • European oak - Strong, durable oak in natural or gray washed finishes
  • Maple - Hard North American maple cuts cleanly for clean modern lines
  • Teak - Beautiful natural wood or color-washed teak resists weathering
  • Rosewood - Deep reddish brown wood with dramatic grain figuring
  • Mahogany - Regal reddish wood that looks even richer with an aged patina

Opulent upholstery selections:

  • Italian leather - Buttery soft full grain leather in multitudes of colors
  • Performance vinyl fabrics - Durable, easy-care faux leathers in embossed textures
  • Jacquard woven fabrics - Elegant patterns like damasks, florals and geometrics
  • Velvets - Luxuriously soft with luminous sheen and light-catching pile

Discuss your aesthetic preferences with Lecong's team, and they will recommend materials that best align with your vision.

Working with Lecong - Custom Furniture Made Easy

Ordering exquisite custom furnishings from Lecong is a streamlined process from design to delivery. Their hands-on approach ensures a rewarding experience.

  • Consultation - Discuss your project goals and style ideas with Lecong's sales staff. They will guide you through planning and material selections tailored to your needs.
  • Design - Using your inspiration images or creative concepts, Lecong's experienced designers will create renderings and plans for approval. Modifications are simple at this stage.
  • Production - After confirming designs, Lecong crafts your furnishings with care and expertise. Their flexible workshop can adjust to urgent project timelines if needed.
  • Quality Assurance - Your finished furniture undergoes rigorous multi-point inspections before meticulous packaging for shipment.
  • Worldwide Delivery - Lecong has longstanding relationships with freight forwarders to provide reliable delivery via sea, air, or land.
  • Post-Sale Support - The Lecong team is always available to answer questions and handle any after-sale needs from maintenance tips to reorders.

For discerning clients worldwide, Lecong makes fulfilling luxury furniture dreams convenient and satisfying. Their legacy of peerless quality, expertise, and service positions Lecong as the top choice among Chinese furniture manufacturers.


What is Lecong Furniture's specialty?

Lecong Furniture excels at producing high-end contemporary and transitional style furniture with European flair. They are known for luxury quality and craftsmanship.

Does Lecong make classic traditional styles too?

Yes, Lecong's artisans have the versatility to create ornate traditional furniture as well, using detailed techniques like carving, marquetry, and metal gilding.

Can I fully customize my furniture order?

Absolutely, Lecong welcomes the opportunity to make completely bespoke furniture to your specifications, dimensions, and material selections. This is their strength.

What projects does Lecong have experience supplying?

Lecong has furnished many international hotels, upscale offices, restaurants, retailers, residences, and yachts over their 20+ year history. Their quality has passed the test of high-traffic use.

How is Lecong's quality control and testing?

Lecong's quality control standards rival premium European brands. Their multi-stage inspections and hands-on process monitoring ensure consistent perfection. This gives clients confidence in performance.

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