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why Italian furniture is popular in China?

Views:  Update Date: May 17,2020

Taste the unique history of Italian furniture, understand the birth of art from the production process

80% of the world's famous furniture brands are from Italy. The Italian city of Milan is also recognized as the fashion capital of the world. Every corner of this country is full of surging art and creativity, as if every footmark of pedestrians is the art witnessed by the world. Through the past and the present, the combination of internal and external is the unique charm of the country's creative style.
The popularity of Italian luxury furniture in recent years is unpredictable, which has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. As a modern design concept, luxury is not a specific element, but an elegant and comfortable design style. Among all kinds of luxury furniture, Italian furniture has become the focus of attention.
Italian furniture
Creativity and design sense seem to take root from Italy. Each craftsman is born with artistic quality. The furniture they create is always in the forefront of fashion. In terms of classical luxury furniture, Italian classical luxury furniture has enjoyed a worldwide reputation since the 1960s. Today, this luxury style is still active in the public's eyes, people never give up their love for Italian classical luxury furniture.
Small furniture and soft clothes of Italian luxury furniture also lead the trend of fashion. From desk to ornaments, both functionality and high value can be considered, not grandiose, but always attractive.
Italian classical luxury furniture is committed to creating the charm of Italian interior landscape, constantly exploring and innovating, and creating a delicate, relaxed and leisure life atmosphere on the premise of comfort. With the development of fashion and the change of taste of successful people, Italian furniture combines with soft color and atmosphere to create this very friendly style, which is well-known all over the world.

What is the popularity of Italian furniture in China?

Diversified furniture market allows more furniture culture to enter China. No matter what kind of furniture, it needs to meet the aesthetic needs of Chinese consumers. Italian furniture is favored by consumers for its rich artistic color and humanized design. Let's talk about the Italian furniture market in China.
What is the popularity of Italian furniture in China? Get to know

1. Style and form of Italian furniture

Italian furniture is a collection of human history. China has always been a country with a human history. Therefore, many consumers prefer furniture products with history and culture. The artistic beauty of the Renaissance, combined with traditional manufacturing technology and modern advanced technology, endows Italian furniture with unique charm. Italy's domestic furniture factories are mainly divided into two schools: the northern school pays more attention to the three-dimensional effect of logs, and the southern school pays more attention to the Italian flavor and style of logs.

2. The scale of Italian furniture consumption

Italian furniture is a kind of high-end furniture style. In terms of the current high consumption level in China, the price of Italian furniture is relatively high, and some families with higher incomes are more inclined to buy Italian furniture. According to statistics, the domestic Italian style furniture market has reached tens of billions of dollars, and the customer base is quite strong. I believe that more and more friends will understand Italian culture and use Italian furniture in the future.
Chinese market of Italian furniture

3. Italian furniture consumption trend

A few years ago, Italian furniture began to gradually develop from core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing to cover the whole country, which made Italian furniture grow rapidly in the Chinese market and gradually led the whole industry. In recent years, Italian furniture has gained more and more development in China, and its advantages and characteristics are more and more obvious. Many people attach great importance to Italian furniture. As the Lighthouse of human art. When they see the furniture, they seem to see a work of art.

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