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Italian furniture style and design features
Views:  Update Date: May 17,2020

Italy is a country full of art, but also a country advocating romance. In many places there, everything seems to be a work of art. It is exquisitely crafted and colorful. Of course, Italian furniture, like art works, is full of Italian culture. Do you know the characteristics of Italian furniture? I don't know, it doesn't matter, because next, I want to elaborate the characteristics of Italian furniture through style features and design features.
Italian furniture

Characteristics of Italian furniture 

1. Milan style

The traditional style of Milan was specially born for the Royal aristocracy with noble status, and it is the spokesperson of classicality, luxury and style. The whole building of solid wood, the decoration and inlay of silver and gold foil, and the decoration of mahogany Accurate to every detail, it shows the preciseness of court style and the magnificence of classical supremacy, and adds fashion elements and design sense, which makes Italian Milan traditional style become the symbol of top luxury.
Milan's modern style uses more straight lines, not too many curves, simple modeling, rich in design or philosophy, but not exaggerated. Black and white are the representative colors of modern style. The large area solid color without decoration brings another low-key sense of peace, calm and introverted. Milan's modern style uses modern new materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic and high-density glass. It is exquisite and simple, revealing a strong sense of design, but it has a very noble temperament in the minimalist modern modeling.

2. Tuscany style

Tuscany traditional style is not as magnificent as other classical palace styles, it is more like a kind of folk art sublimation with approachable modeling and friendly soft line sense. Tuscany pursues art, nature and elegance. Remove the common gorgeous flower patterns, and use vines and other non pompous decorative copy instead.
Under the fashion trend of returning to nature, Tuscany style adds the concept of modern furniture to the classical elements, forming the Italian new classical furniture style, creating a mood through color and creating a wonderful painting effect. Combining the romantic feelings of nostalgia with the needs of modern people for life, it is compatible with luxury, elegance, fashion and modernity, reflecting the personalized aesthetic point of view and cultural taste.

3. Baroque style

Baroque style in Italian furniture style needs to be mentioned in particular. It is the product of the competition among Italian aristocrats in the 17th century, showing a strong social status and authority. Furniture is hand-made by furniture designers, architects and sculptors. It is characterized by luxurious decoration. It is often achieved by the contrast of appearance, the fineness of technique and the luxury of effect. The most prominent feature of the furniture is its high relief decoration, such as carved pilasters, human figures, shells, acanthus leaves and lions. Therefore, Baroque style furniture is not furniture, but a piece of art treasures!

4. Venetian style

Venice style furniture is characterized by low-key simplicity, traditional handicraft and rejection of chemical pollution; the harmony and rationality of Byzantine and Renaissance architectural styles are the keynote of Venice furniture; the unrestrained, beautiful and strong sense of melody of Venice painting school is the soul of Venice furniture. Venice style furniture is famous for its grand and steady design style and expensive solid wood. It is noble and elegant but low-key and simple, which truly represents the charm of ancient Italian furniture manufacturing. It can be said that Venetian style furniture is one of the most distinctive furniture styles in the world.

features of Italian furniture design

1. Charming style

Italian furniture design of the home, from the style point of view, they have classical and modern two charming faces, the art and function of a very close combination. Italian design style not only has the authentic European classical style, but also is the most dynamic place of modern design. They combine the progressive industrial technology with the original power of design, and pursue the aesthetic attribute in meeting the functional requirements of products. In addition, Italians like to blend life with art. Simplicity has always been the feature of Italian furniture. There is no lack of fashion and nobility in simplicity, which is one of the reasons why Italian furniture is enduring.

2. Humanization

Italian furniture design focuses on elegant sculpture and comfortable design. While retaining the color and texture of classical furniture, it is also suitable for the space of modern life. When you use it, the perfect texture makes you satisfied; when it is not used, the artistic character immediately highlights, sending out a strong sense of existence in the space, without losing elegance and romance. Italian modern furniture represents Italian people's love for life, as well as their understanding and pursuit of perfection.

3. Exquisite carving

Parquet: a luxurious artistic expression of furniture. In Italy, furniture designers spin or plane the precious wood of heaven and man to make beautiful patterns and color pleasing wood chips, and collage them into pleasing patterns through certain rules and patterns. Classical furniture in Italian furniture design pays attention to the perfection of details and the elegance and luxury of the whole. Therefore, we can often see the decoration with silver engraved gold and gemstone inlay in Italian classical furniture design, which is not only beautiful and luxurious, but also increases the history and artistry of the furniture as a whole.

4. Expensive materials

Italian furniture design style is the soul of Italian furniture, and raw materials are the basis of Italian furniture. Italian furniture designers select precious wood to keep the original posture

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