Luxury furniture coffee tables 

quality coffee tables provide both form and function with a host of options to choose from to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a multi-functional, lift-top model, a design focal point for the room, or a place to set down your beverage of choice, these versatile pieces are an integral part of modern living.

Update the living room with quality designer coffee tables. Shop wood, metal, glass and marble coffee tables in circular, oval and rectangular silhouettes.

Depending on the size of your room, we’ve got a variety of italian centre table designs to choose from, including a round coffee table, square coffee table and oval coffee tables. Our tables make the perfect perch for decorative serving trays, or even board games for when you have a game night with friends.

best contemporary coffee tables come in a wide variety of sizes to match the scale and design of living space. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing decor or change out an entire room, a coffee table brands offers the ideal solution to update your space with a bold statement.

fendi luxury expensive coffee tables with storage are designed in a way that brings style in functionality together seamlessly. Custom gorgeous coffee tables Through our custom design program, you can add your own personal touch, bringing together a design and style that perfectly matches your décor and fits the dimensions of your living space and are designed to your specifications.

Contemporary Italian Designer Coffee and Side Tables Collection will add the final touch of sophistication to any design project. Luxury Italian Coffee Tables and High-end Side Tables from Italy, made by top craftsmen, creating this vast luxury Furniture collection of exclusive pieces, perfect to fit the most refined Living Rooms. Contemporary Italian Furniture ideal for sophisticated houses with exclusive Home Decor.

One of our bestsellers is the Molvedo Italian Designer Coffee Table, with a powder-coated metal base in brown-bronze, or chrome-plated, with anti-skid ferrule and top in white the exclusive Carrara marble or noble woods. Classy and elegant, perfect to create Contemporary and luxurious living areas.

Unique End Tables, Exclusive Italian High-end Coffee Tables and luxury Designer Side Tables at yueshan

Luxury furniture Coffee Table manufacturer & Customization

Skilled furniture craftsmen, working in yueshan, build much of the custom designer furniture we carry for our customers. Our furniture styles include FENDI, traditional, transitional and painted, with wood options including solid …
elegant Coffee table is available in various styles, sizes, shapes, colors and in various prices. We provides you various types of coffee table such as glass top coffee table, marbles top coffee table, coffee table with storage, coffee table with seating, wooden coffee table and many more. We have also a various range of small coffee table, side & console table that’s complete your living room. Buy Luxury Coffee Table, Side Table and center table with YUESHAN and make your luxury living room spaces ultra modern.

YUESHAN have a wide range of coffee table at unbelievable price. If you are looking for that one understated, classic piece to bring your living room together, the Hampton Square Coffee Table or the LavAzza Coffee Table are ideal. The Isaacs Coffee Table is a gorgeous two-toned coffee table, which is sure to make heads turn. It is available online in our website at ALLFIREPLACE.NET. 

Shop Coffee & Center Tables Online at YUESHAN and get attractive table at shopping benefits and huge festival offer off. We provide a wide range of coffee table design that redefines your whole living room. You have many options to choose the right coffee table online for your home that aligns with your taste. These pieces are also available in various sizes and shapes. Choose from exclusive range of contemporary, modern, eclectic, colonial and luxury designs.

How to choose a suitable end sofa side table?

Let's start with a few general guidelines for coffee table selection:

1. Principle of similar arc:

Sofa leg and coffee table foot, armchair foot should be similar in shape;
Sofa has no feet, coffee table can be selected as a cabinet without feet, or follow the foot of armchair;
Sofa stainless steel square feet, coffee table choose stainless steel square feet;
Open small legs outside sofa, coffee table can also open small legs outside.

2. Best height of coffee table:

Slightly lower than the armrest of the sofa, or even slightly lower than the cushion of the sofa;

3. Coffee table color selection:

Either it is close to the ground color or the wall color.
First of all, we need to pay attention to:
1: The style of the coffee table should be coordinated with the overall furniture, especially the sofa.
2: Coffee table color: when choosing coffee table, you need to consider the color of the sofa, the color of the ground, including curtains, etc.
3. Material of coffee table: there are many materials of coffee table, including marble, metal, glass and solid wood. For example, modern ones can be made of metal or glass. And the size of the coffee table should match the sofa

5 details of coffee table shopping:

1. The size of the coffee table should be suitable. 

The table top of the coffee table should be slightly higher than the cushion of the sofa, not higher than the height of the armrest of the sofa. The coffee table should not be too large. The length and width should be within 1000 degrees × 450 degrees, which is unnecessary and occupies an area. The general size of the coffee table is 1070 degrees × 600 degrees, the height is 400 degrees, that is, the height of the flat sofa seat, so it looks more spacious. The coffee table in medium and large units sometimes uses 1200 degrees × 1200 degrees. At this time, the height of the coffee table will be as low as 250-300 degrees. The distance between coffee table and sofa is about 350 degrees. The size of the coffee table should be coordinated with the size of the sofa, which should not be too high in general.

2. Consider the color ,depth: 

the metal coffee table with glass material can give people a sense of brightness, with the visual effect of expanding the space; while the steady, dark wood coffee table is suitable for a larger classical space.

3. Reference space size: 

the space size is the basis for considering the size and shape of the coffee table. If the space is not big, it's better to use the small oval coffee table. The soft shape makes the space seem relaxed and not cramped. If you are in a large space, you can consider not only the large coffee table with the main sofa, but also the high side table beside the single chair in the hall, as a small coffee table with functional and decorative features, to add more interest and change to the space.

4. Consider stability and mobility:

Generally speaking, the coffee table in front of the sofa chair can't move often, so we should pay attention to the stability of the coffee table; while the small coffee table placed beside the armrest of the sofa is often used randomly, so we can choose the style with wheels.

5. Pay attention to functionality: 

in addition to the function of aesthetic decoration, the coffee table also carries tea sets, small food, etc. Therefore, we should also pay attention to its carrying function and storage function. If the room is small, you can consider buying a coffee table with storage function or a table with exhibition function to adjust according to the needs of the guests.

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Coffee tables have become hardworking living room staples thanks to their many functions. A coffee table is a place to set drinks, stash magazines, organize remotes and display fun decor. Because of its central placement, it’s often referred to as a center table and can serve as the focal point of the room.

Yueshan carries luxury coffee tables and end tables in metal, glass and wood finishes. Find the perfect coffee and end table sets for any living room.

Handcrafted coffee table. Antiqued brass top with design in the brass sheet over wood. Aluminum frame and brass clad.Antiqued bronze finish on base. Clad finish may vary.

Our solid wood coffee tables are handcrafted in Vermont using real, North-American hardwoods: natural cherry, walnut, maple and oak. Designed and built to last forever, our coffee tables are made to order just for you and can be customized to perfectly fit your space and style.

Designer Coffee Tables. A coffee or cocktail table is the centerpiece of your living room seating arrangement — why not choose a design that’ll spark a conversation? Whether you choose an iconic mid-century design by Nakashima or a sculptural modern work from Designlush

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